No News (is Good News!)

A Chrome extension to keep news from ruining your day.

What does this do?

By installing this extension, your browser will defend your happiness!

How will it do that?

NoNews blocks news media web pages, plain and simple. If you attempt to visit a site in our blacklist, you will be greeted with a friendly page letting you know your request was denied. That page will also give you some options on how to proceed, and how to view the page in question should you decide to ignore the friendly advice of this magnificent extension.

How do I get it?

Visit the Google Chrome extensions page. Point, click, install. Voila.

You can also install from the source code. If this is for you, please visit the GitHub repository.


This essay by Aaron Swartz made me do it.

Want to make NoNews better?

NoNews is open source, so you can fork/fix/add stuff all you like. To integrate your code back into the project, just issue a pull request to the GitHub repository, and I'll gladly add it.

Not a developer? That's okay - just use NoNews to avoid all the media induced depression, and that'll be enough to keep us happy!


If you issue a pull request that is accepted, you'll get your name here.

And a pony!

Well, no ponies, but we'll still add your name.

Special Thanks

Jason "Palamedes" Ellis for the NoNews logo and associated image assets.


Public Domain - Use at your own risk.